Brass from Novara

For the brass element of the range, there was only one place to go. Situated in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, Novara has approximately 104,000 inhabitants and is an important commercial centre within the Padan Plain or Po Valley. Well known for its agricultural heritage, in particular the cultivation of rice and maize, extensive industrialised irrigation of the area in the 1900s created an upsurge in metallurgical production which resulted in it becoming the central focus of the Italian tap industry. The subsequent proliferation of factories and workshops making all manner of faucets and water fittings has encouraged excellence and stimulated innovation with traditional craftsmanship working in harmony with modern technologies to produce designs which embody that hard to define yet instantly recognisable quality, “Italian style”.

All tap and shower mixers selected are fashioned in brass and then chromium plated for a long lasting deep lustre finish.

 Pronto range of taps by Brass and Clay
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